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About Kelly


Early childhood education can primarily be termed as “learning through play”. Recent researched have shown that it is a vital phase of life in terms of children’s intellectual, emotional and social development. Besides, the growth of mental abilities is at astounding rate and high proportion of learning takes place during this period. Therefore, it is very important for children to be surrounded with activities that would motivate their thinking power, arouse their curiosity, hone their innate talents and creativity, as well as develop their values and ethics. Surely, early childhood education is the key element that helps in building a good foundation for children’s educational success.

Kelly Primary School supports parents who desire to provide their children with quality education through a specially designed curriculum under the guidance of experienced and well-trained teachers.

We offer a curriculum that:

  • Develops resilience, inquisitiveness and learning skills
  • Creates fun learning environment through interesting and creative activities
  • Strengthens life skills necessary to become independent
  • Develops an international perspective while reinforcing own cultural heritage
  • Fosters respect and appreciation of others

About Us

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In Kelly Primary School, classes are divided into two: the morning class (called “International Class”) with English as medium of instruction and afternoon classes that offers both English (“International Class”) and Japanese classes.

The Preschool Enrichment Program is enhanced by the International Primary Curriculum’s (IPC) Early Childhood Program.

Learning how to read, write, and count in English are given importance. The Japanese Class in the afternoon teaches the significance of the Japanese four seasons, traditions, and events. Japanese songs, games, dance and physical activities are also done. The Japanese language, writing system, and basic arithmetic are taught with the use of Japanese curriculum and materials.

The afternoon International Class serves as an English Enhancement Program for those taking the morning International Class.

*The school encourages Japanese parents to enroll their child in the afternoon Japanese Class as it is important for children to start learning their mother tongue at an early age.

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