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Respecting individuality for a bright future

Kelly Primary School offers a unique education program for children who can take a different viewpoint and expansive way of thinking under an environment conducive for studying with the slogan,

"Enjoy learning!".

Kelly Primary School Curriculum’s Four Pillars

  • Independence
  • Spirit of Inquiry
  • Power of Concentration
  • Spirit of Cooperation

To support these objectives, the main intended focus of the children’s learning is as follows:

  • Mathematical Focus
  • Language / Literacy Focus
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Developmen
  • Musical Development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Role Playing

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Pre Kindergarten

The program develops independence, promotes interaction with other children, strengthens fine and gross motor skills and creates a learning environment that promotes verbal skills.
Play, music, arts and crafts are also incorporated at this stage.

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The program focuses on the children's physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. The course prepares the children in acquiring skills of the core subjects. Beyond the core curriculum, the children receive instruction in music, art and physical education.

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Kindergarten 2

Kindergarten 3

Two classes are offered for each of these age levels.

The Japanese class uses Nihongo as medium of instruction not only to help the children cope up when they transfer to a bigger Japanese school or go back to their home country but also to equip the children with necessary skills for elementary school.

The International class is open to all nationalities. Both classes have programs geared towards the development of social, emotional and cognitive skills. Reading and writing are strengthened in these levels. Understanding number concepts are also given utmost importance.

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After School Programs

Kelly Primary School offers After School Program in small classes.
Each class is specially designed to meet the needs of students according to their age and level.

  • Elementary Entrance Exam Review Class
  • Middle School Entrance Exam Review Class
  • English Language Class
  • Elementary Subjects Tutorial
  • Japanese Language Class
  • Chinese Language Class
●Classes conducted in English
  • Elementary school subjects
  • Basic and Advanced Science Classes
  • Creative Hands(Arts and Crafts Class)